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A Great Practice For All Your Dental Needs

Our Philosophy

Our practice style is somewhat different than most: Dr. Galloway and his wife Kelly attend to all the needs of their patients. When you contact North Bend Family Dentistry, all your administrative needs will be met by Kelly personally as she manages the business aspects of the practice. Dr. Galloway, seeing only one patient at a time, attends to the comprehensive care of each patient. From a simple check-up cleaning to complicated restorative procedures, there is no delegation of duties or procedures to auxiliary personnel. This dedication of the doctor’s expertise, focused 100% upon the individual personalized care of each and every patient, has been well received and appreciated by many people over the years. Optimal treatment has many components: patient education, inspiration, and motivation to commit to a lifestyle of health and well-being; the prudence, care and integrity to provide and consider conservative options; and the sense of teamwork that the dentist and patient share when each is determined to achieve the most beneficial treatment outcome based upon the patient’s personal wants, needs, and values. As ones dental needs become more complicated, this process requires more time and communication to establish trust and develop realistic expectations, which is challenging when services are rendered by multiple providers and auxiliaries in the hurried environment of a large multi-chair clinic. It is for these reasons that we have chosen a “path less travelled” as our route to maximizing quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Out of respect for all our patients, we do not offer: Special enticements of free goods or services (please Google search “loss leader” if you are unfamiliar with this concept); blanket discounts (although fee negotiations are considered on an individual basis, with consideration given to senior status, up-front payment, scope of treatment, and special circumstances); or the marketing of select technology with potentially limited application that often leads to over-utilization or unnecessary treatment (“new” technology does not always assure better or more appropriate care).

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